Our Big Day


Well that was exciting wasn’t it!?  

You will remember, up to now of the 11 years & a little bit more of our togetherness:

We started with the chat and meet, we laughed, we made bets and lost… oh yeah and one of us won!

The next meeting was home cooked, with Neil Diamond forever in his blue jeans, until the remains of the Dolmio was found lurking in the rubbish.


Late night introductions of potential new friends and skipped greetings that nearly blew it all.

More smiles, laughter mixed in with testing times, shared tears and sadness, but a silver lining ending which resulted with us on the top of a Cumbrian fell and a home newly shared in a woody street.

Further on a finished education, loss of earnings, long distant travel plans scuppered by the new beginnings of both.

usExtended family (including the furry kind), more new friends and numerous out of town adventures under the stars, on the road, up mountains and out at sea.

Finally with a few forgotten moments, wiping of sickened brows, breaks and bumps along the way and more importantly 6 years and numerous months under one roof together having been ousted from a flooded flat… I yes ME: Kimberley on 29th February 2012 with courage, confidence and a good dose of tradition on my side I asked Tim to “Marry Me”… he said “Why Not”… surely it wasn’t the Black Forest Gateau cupcake on offer that swayed it? Or was it the compensation deemed to be a pair of leather gloves, a single rose, £1 and a kiss if declined?

So this is where we are today:

Rings on our fingers, a large number of days since Our Big Day, a sprinkling of spice to make the Day just a little bit more special and all the ingredients above including you into the mix, when blended a recipe of love that was just downright awesome happened!